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The Fallen Flower

When you are creating signage Melbourne residents are going to see, you want something that grabs attention, that is attractive, that is memorable, and that effectively shows off your brand and business name. You want to get people’s interest and make them want to look deeper into the services offered, as well as remember you at a later point in time. We thought about all of this as we designed The Fallen Flower logo. We created a combination of name and logo image that is going to stick with customers, which was our goal.

We took the name and created an image from it, as you can see. The curling flower becomes an F, standing for Fallen Flower. Even without the name accompanying the image, you will still know what business this is at first look if you have seen it before. Our mission was to give people a way to remember the business name without sacrificing attractiveness. We feel that the result has done this remarkably well. The design is simple and effective, and it helps you to remember the business name with ease.

Combined with the font, you have an image that really grabs your attention. The colors and the design make it subtle enough to not be irritating, but the font and overall design is still eye catching. When people see the design, their eyes are going to go to it immediately. As a logo design Melbourne business, our full intention was to create something that stood out without bringing down the beauty, and we feel we succeeded here.

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