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Red Bug Design

Red Bug Design has a logo that is straightforward. Using a little red bug, this logo gives you an image that you can associate with the business name at any point. This helps Red Bug Design to remain memorable for customers and anyone who may find the services interesting. This is important for shop signage, business cards, an online presence, and just about anything else. As the image spreads, people will easily remember the name because the art is a clear, obvious representation of it.

When you are trying to succeed as a business, you need to be memorable. We kept this in mind as we designed the logo. We wanted to create something that is appealing and that gives people a way to remember the business name. Whenever you see the little red bug, you are going to think of Red Bug Design. This ensures that people who are interested in the services, can seek them out at a later point without any difficulty searching.

The font plays a major role in the design, too. We wanted there to be a strong connection between the logo art and the font, which is why we had everything working together to create the image you see here. Since the image is supposed to make you think of the Red Bug part of Red Bug Design, we made that a major piece of the final product. Both the logo image and the chosen font have similar designs, too, so that it retains the same flow throughout the entire logo. As a logo designer, we knew how important this was and we wanted to make sure that it all worked together.

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