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Good web design Melbourne services should focus on more than just a name. After all, designing a logo is not all about having the name out there. While you want to make sure that the business or organisation is clearly represented, you want a way to attract people and grab their interest, too. That is what you have with the Mud Run design here. The Mud Run name is clearly at the bottom, but it is not what takes center stage. Instead, you have the design of the muddy shoe. It gives you a clear idea of what this group is about and it grabs your attention immediately. That was the point behind this design and it does the job quite well.

The Mud Run design gives you a clear image of what you can expect from the start. This is important when trying to get people interested and talking about your services, which is why we designed the logo as the main focal point. When you are using the logo for business cards Melbourne residents are going to receive, you want this type of clarity and eye catching design. This is what will get people to stop, look at you, and wondering what more there is to see. Passing out business cards becomes far more effective than it has been in the past.

The font for the Mud Run name is simple, it still stands out, and it goes with the rest of the design. It is able to stand strong in the logo without taking too much of the attention.

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