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Designing shop signage for Fitastic brought in the need to show off one important aspect: being fit. That was the major point of the logo created, as you can see. It takes a creative approach to designing a fit individual, someone who would be interested in what Fitastic has to offer. We wanted to bring together the great design efforts of our team with the intentions and interests of Fitastic itself, and we feel that we have done so successfully. The logo works as both a piece of art and a way to show off what the brand is all about, which is essential for a logo.

The type of retail signage can work with most areas. We wanted something clean, creative, to the point, and generally appealing to the audience, and that is what you see here. When Fitastic is out getting interest and simply showing off the brand, this logo can help people to understand immediately what they are about if they did not know already.
When it comes to the actual font of the logo, an important part of the design was keeping with the flow. The image has a general flow to it that we wanted to bring to the font. That is why we kept the soft curves going, creating a look that is easy on the eyes and that has no breaks in the design. This helps to make it more attractive while making it much easier to look at. Everything comes together to paint a complete picture.

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