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The owner of Pearl contacted us several months ago in order to find a new way to have her products recognized. Since she sold makeup, it would be difficult to put a large logo on each one of the individual makeup products that she sold, so she wasn’t quite sure what to do.

In order to find out exactly how she was going to have both her product design and web design completed to reach out to others in Melbourne, she contacted us through email and asked us multiple different questions. We replied asking exactly what type of logo she was looking to have, and since she already had the name of her website trademarked, she settled on having a pearl to be her website logo. In addition, she wanted to have many different types of shadows on the website in order to make her logo stand out, and in order to provide the same effect for each of her products, we asked her what type of lettering and font she used on the tubes of makeup.

We eventually were able to work together and create the perfect small logo in silver for each of her products, which allowed her to begin allowing customers to recognize her brand so that she could continue bringing back customers as well as hopefully move on to owning a store. Once we had completed the logo design for her products, we sent the file to her and she was not quite satisfied, so we made the revisions that she had requested and sent it back. Once she received the revised copy of her new logo, she immediately put it on her website and sent us an enthusiastic “thank you!”

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