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Blue Dog Solutions

Blue Dog is a locally owned business in Melbourne that sold toys and treats for both dogs and cats out of a storefront. The store had been open for about six months, and although the owner of the store enjoyed working in her shop and meeting all of the different types of people that would walk through the doors, the toys that she sold at the front counter that she had made herself out of a variety of different fabrics and twine had no type of logo to differentiate them from any of the rest of the toys that she sold in the store.

Of course, signage in Melbourne is important in order to get your business name recognized, so she went online to search for some type of logo designer in Melbourne. When she contacted us, she received information about having her own logo created, but she had no idea where to start, as she knew that she wanted some type of blue dog (due to the name) as the logo, but she didn’t want a simple design that wasn’t very appealing We worked with her and actually talked on the phone for quite some time in order to help her design her own unique logo, and finally came to a conclusion that she was happy with. Our experienced team of logo designers then completed her logo, and sent it back to her.

The last thing that she sent us stated “Thank you so much for my new logo, my customers love the cute little dog on the front of each toy!”

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